Monday, October 3, 2011


This week we dug for clues in the past here at Bookworm fun. Theme: archaeology!

A lot of the archaeology books in the juvenile section of the library were for upper elementary age kids, and we just paraphrased or read only the interesting portions. Here are a few that were more geared toward my little guys: Archaeologists Dig for Clues, Magic School Bus Shows and Tells: A Book About Archaeology and, if you don't mind cheating by straying into paleontology, Digging up Dinosaurs.

T. was very excited about the idea of digging up artifacts and immediately drew a picture of his imaginary finds:

For our activity this week I took an idea straight out of the Activity Book for the Story of the World and created an archaeological "dig" in our backyard.  I buried everyday objects and then had the boys come dig them up, annotating which quadrant they found them in and everything.  With each item we talked about what it told us about the people who "once lived here."  I used all sorts of things, from a CD to a hair tie, a vitamin bottle to a bottle of nail polish.  It was a lot of good, messy fun.

Come back next week and see what we do for ancient Greek Mythology, one I've been wanting to do for a super long time!

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